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RE: V8 A/C problem

> I'm also having A/C problems and the code numbers are 09 and 16, if I 
> did it right. Any help? Thanks.
... I brought the book in today ... so let me repost my earlier message,
with more information about selecting the C/C diagnostic mode ...

To begin, the manual says that a coolant temp sensor was phased in, so it is
possible that you will have a 09 fault indicated because your car doesn't
have a coolant temp sensor.  

I'm assuming that you are seeing the outside temp light flash ... and fault
16 looks like it may be the culprit ... here's the document ...

> ----------
> The C/C computer detected a fault of some sort ... you can read codes out
> of the C/C from the A/C Head.  I checked the V8 service documentation ...
> which said that there were a few faults that cause the outside temp light
> to flash for 1 minute.  
> *	one or both interior temperature sensors have incorrect values
> *	both outside temperature sensors have incorrect values
> *	The servomotor feedback potentiometer giving bad values or flap is
> in the wrong position
> *	Compressor off - the high pressure switch has operated at least 8
> times, so the compressor has been shut off.
> The document said that if the compressor has been shut off it can be
> reactivated by turning the system off and back on again.  
Activating the diagnostic mode on the V8 climate control involves depressing
and holding the "OUTSIDE TEMP" button, followed by depressing the "OFF"
button.  It then says that you release the "OUTSIDE TEMP" button before the
"OFF" button.  You can confirm that the mode is selected by observing ' 0 1
on the temperature display.  This indicates that the diagnostic is prepared
to view diagnostic channel #1.  There are 22 diagnostic channels, and you
can increase the channel selection by pressing the "WARMER" button and
decrease the channel selected by pressing the "COOLER" button.  To view the
information in the channel you depress the "OUTSIDE TEMP" button, and the
channel value is displayed in the temp display.  Notice that while similar,
this procedure is different from that used on the later model 5000s with the
"digital climate control" with which I am familiar.  

> The fault codes are read back from channel , and defined as follows:
> 00 - No fault
> 01 - Instrument cluster temp sensor (G56) - open
> 02 - Instrument cluster temp sensor (G56) - short circuit
> 03 - Evaporator temp sensor (G57) - open
> 04 - Evaporator temp sensor (G57) - short circuit
> 05 - Ambient temp sensor (G17) - open
> 06 - Ambient temp sensor (G17) - short circuit
> 07 - Servomotor feedback potentiometer - open
> 08 - Servomotor feedback potentiometer - short circuit
	09 - Coolant Temp Sender (G62) - open
	10 - Coolant Temp Sender (G62) - short circuit
	11 - Temperature sensor - roof (G86) - open
	12 - Temperature sensor - roof (G86) - short circuit
	13 - Input voltage is below 9.5v but greater than 5v, or has dropped
into this range since the engine has started (NOTE: Values below 5v are
registered as a low pressure switch open)
	14 - Compressor off - High pressure switch for magnetic clutch
(F118) has cut out 8 times
	15 - Servo motor for temp regulating flap (V68) in wrong position
	16 - Discontinuity (open circuit) at high pressure switch for
magnetic clutch (F118), or high pressure switch has cut out at least once
since the last engine start.

Note that other diagnostic channels may be useful to help diagnose the
problem (with the 16 fault code you might want to check channel 19 which
accumulates the total number of cutouts by F118 since the battery was last
disconnected).  Another channel I often check is channel 11, which will
report the voltage supplied to the C/C ... and so you can tell how heavily
loaded your charging system is ...

> HTH!
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)
> 	----------
> 	While driving home last night, and while out over lunch today, the
> A/C
> 	started to blow warm air.  While this was happening, I noticed that
> the
> 	outside air temp light was blinking.  I turned the A/C off and back
> on, and
> 	the A/C started working again. Anyboby HTH, and what might the
> problem be.
> 	Low refrigerant, sensor?