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RE: 89 200 questions + Boost Gauge Install

> Questions:
> 1) The stock stereo is 12V continuos power. Did the factory provide
> switched power, and also power from the dimmer? Where can I tap into
> these?
No, the factory did not provide switched power.  You could get your switched
power from any circuit connected to the ignition on switch (circuit "15") or
from the load reduction relay (circuit "X").  My personal preference is to
use the switch that is activated whenever the key is installed into the
switch (i.e. the one that causes the chime to ring when you open the
driver's door and the key is installed).  Given that the circuit inside the
stereo is not likely to draw a lot from this circuit, it is probably OK to
connect directly ... but I used a relay anyway ...

> 3) Is there a circuit breaker for the passenger seat? Where do I find
> it? (listed in bentleys, but no sign anywhere so far).
AFAIK it is a 30A fuse in the main fuse box ... for some odd reason the same
fuse supplies power to the memory function on the driver's seat!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)