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If you've got some spare cash...

If you've got some cash burning a hole in your pocket.

>From the Yahoo classifieds:

1 - Audi Other - 1938; San Francisco, California 

     Price: $334,000.00 Call Mileage: 40,000.00 miles Combination Sale
Type: By Owner

     Category: Convertible Color: Gray Condition: Used 
     Features: Classic, 

     Description: 1938 Horch 853A Parade Phaeton.The Horch automakers
became Audi. This car is the only one in the
     world. Three of these cars were built, but two were destroyed during
WWII. Built as a parade vehicle for high ranking
     German Luftwaffe officials. In SUPERB original condition. Authenticity
verified by Audi Museum in Germany and
     Sothebys Auction House. 

     Contact: Jim Phelan , San Francisco, California , 94101 
     Phone: (804) 973-8567 
     Email: zsprings@swcp.com   Reply to this ad 
     Date posted: 07/23/99 Ad ID: automobiles-924277909-29405