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Re: Eibach or H&R?

Look for competitive H&R prices at TireRack.  Blau will
match, if you would rather shop there (I know I do).

I have installed mine, but have yet to put any miles on

Gisli --- '87 5kcstq

>>>>> On Fri, 30 Jul 1999 00:22:51 -0400, you said:
  IK> So folks, what's the latest consensus?
  IK> I want to go as low as I can without getting stuck in 10cm of snow.

  IK> I recall reading that Eibachs rise the nose in reference to the rear.
  IK> This is certainly unacceptable. I'd rather have the car level or
  IK> slightly raked forward at most.

  IK> Blau sells the V8 H&R for like $280, so they are comparable in price.

  IK> -- 
  IK> Igor Kessel
  IK> Two turbo quattros.

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