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RE: Please Help! My 1986 4000CS Q is over heating!

Yes, what Avi says and also:

Make sure the fan runs...
if the radiator is cooler at the bottom check the thermostat... check it
anyway, pull it , boil it in a pan of water with a candy thermometer, make
sure it opens at the proper temperature.

If your radiator has had a lot of stop leak added you may find the flow has
been stopped too. My son's white '84 4kq had a  radiator in which some one
had apparently added water glass to stop a leak. They effectively stopped
the flow of water through the core ... permanently  :-(


> Jeryd,
> There are a # of things that have to be checked:
> Do you have enough coolant in it?
> Do not use antifreeze, use water (preferably distilled)  till
> you find what
> the problem is
> Does your water pump work?
> Do you have pres. in your system? Bad cap maybe?
> Is your rad. hot equally (more or less) or is it much colder
> in some parts,
> which might indicate restricted flow,
> Is rad. surface clean? Bugs, plastic bags etc.
> Do not use your AC till you figure out what's wrong,
> Does your cooling fan comes on?
> Start with the above and let us know,
> Take care,
> Avi