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Re: Please Help! My 1986 4000CS Q is over heating!

Wow.  Thanks alot for the help.  I will try this tomorrow.  Hopefully it
will work.  You are so kind.  I am glad I am part of this group.


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From: Frederick Smith <smitty@pcrealm.net>
To: Jeryd <Leuck@concentric.net>
Sent: Friday, July 30, 1999 10:49 PM
Subject: Re: Please Help! My 1986 4000CS Q is over heating!

> Starting with the engine cold,fill the coolant tank to the seam. Start
> the car and run it till the thermostat opens. Water/coolant should make
> the level of the fluid in the tank rise. Soon after the temp gauge
> passes the half way mark the radiator fan should come on.Certainly by
> 3/4 mark (95 c). I fhe fan doesn't come on remove the connector from the
> switch on the bottom of the radiator and jumper the two connections in
> the plug. If the fan comes on the switch in the radiator is bad. If it
> doesn't check the fan relay in the fuse box,relay #2 I believe.You can
> jump the relay socket across pins 30 & 87,leave the jumper in the switch
> connector as well. If the fan runs the relay is bad or the power to it
> is missing. Re-connect the fan switch on the radiator leaving the jumper
> in the relay socket. If the fan runs the switch is ok (radiator temp
> still 195 +/-). So,to recap what to look for:
> 1. bad fan switch on radiator
> 2.bad fan relay #2 in fuse box on firewall.
> 3.power to the relay socket,pins 86 and 30 should have 12 volts with the
> engine at 195f or higher.
> SmittyJeryd wrote:
> >
> > Please Help!  My 1986 4000CS Q is over heating!  I was just driving home
> > on Hwy 9 and the light started blinking.  I stooped and put more
> > in but that did not work.  I am very worried....  I no not know what do
> > and I have no other car to drive!
> >
> > Any Help Please...............
> >
> > If you get this twice I am just sending it because I got no responses
> >
> > Jeryd