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RE: A12 minivan

> Actually it is an Al [like the chemical symbol for Aluminum] 2 ... and I
> really  doubt that it qualifies as a minivan.  I saw the same thing on the
> ...

Talk about the current competitor of the Al2 concept car from MB (ur,
that should be "DM" now, eh?)... I hear the A-Klass doing quite badly
these days. Not only the sales isn't meeting the expectation, but problems
after problems are being uncovered. First was the moose-avoiding manuvoure
thing. And now, it seems it's not a good winter car as thought. I saw a
picture in which a "DM" A-class has skidded, thumped, bumped, and sat on
its butt with eyes staring into the sky! This was only possible because it
was so short with almost no over-hang. Totally amusing.

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