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Re: ISV circuit

In message <v03130305b3c7f206cee9@[]> Phil Rose writes:

> >As a general rule - if you break into an ISV circuit you _MUST_ switch
> >the engine off and on again before making any measurements.  Most Audi
> >(VDO) ISV controllers go on permanent strike if they see an open
> >circuit to the ISV itself.  This situation can _ONLY_ be remedied by
> >ignition cycling.

> One exception appears to be the '91 200q (an exception to lots of things
> except frequency-of-repair statistics). Pulling the plug on the ISV buggers
> the idle speed but plugging it in again brings the idle right back to spec.
> No ignition recycling needed.

Yes - Motronic 2.4 - same applies to the ur-quattro 20V.

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