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Re: Tampa man dies when cars falls from jack

At 07:51 AM 7/31/99 +0000, Phil Payne wrote:
>In message <37A22297.5B483787@home.com> Samir Shah writes:
>> A news story I found - please be careful when working under cars. Samir.
>> Tampa man dies when cars falls from jack
>At the Coy's Festival RallySprint last night, one of the cars had a brake
>problem.  It came back to the pit/service area under an awning attached
>to a truck.  The mechanic hoisted the car very quickly using a trolley
>jack, whipped the wheel off, and dived under the car.  I was standing
>right next to him, and proffered the pointed advice that the wheel
>should be dropped under the side of the car he was working on as an
>emergency 'chock' in case the jack failed.  It's what we _always_ used
>to do when I was rallying.
>I got a stream of abuse.  "What the &%$* do _you_ know about it?"
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Did you kick the Jack, Phil?

Kneale Brownson