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Re: ABS "triggering" when it shouldn't

Positioning OK?  Did you replace the little distance caps when you installed
the sensors?  I had a similar problem on my Urquattro, and new caps 437 927
809 did the job.  It was a little scary running hard on dry pavement and
diving into a corner only tofind that the silly ABS thought that we were
running on ice...

I think the caps are are the same for all older Audis, they are cheap and
the_only_foolproof way to position the sensors.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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>Consider the following:
>above driving any speed, dry paved road
>bomb is a few years old, but takes 30+ pumps before stiffening the pedal
>master cyl less than 6 mo. old
>sensor caps recent and positioning OK