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RE: Lazy tach in 4kcsq

On 07/30/99 19:35:09 you wrote:
>Is the rate of change lazy or does it read 400-600 rpm low?  When the 
>ignition is off, does the needle rest at zero or below it?  If it is lazy, 
>check all of the connections on the back of the main instrument panel, then 
>check the green and red wires that are attached to the ignition coil 
>(attached next to the battery near the firewall where the main coil wire 
>comes from the distributor cap) by pulling the rubber boot and checking the 
>two 8mm (I think) nuts.  If the needle is low to begin with, pull the 
>instrument cluster (if you need help here, e-mail me as I haved done this 
>recently!) and remove the cluster from the housing.  CAREFULLY, with a 
>finger, move the tach needle clockwise past the numbersuntil you feel 
>resistance.  When you feel resistance, you can "move" the tach reading up.  
>When the tach needle rests at zero, you are spot-on calibrated.
>Hope this helps you out,
>Gil Bourcier  Columbia, MD USA
>87 4kcsq - rescued and revitalized
>97 Honda Valkyrie - Thor's Hammer

The rate of change is slow and the error gets larger as the revs build, such that winding the 
car out gives about 2500 rpm. Needle rests at 0.

I cleaned all of the connections on the coil with the Dremel and gunked 'em with dialectric 
grease. Seems normal now, but time will tell.

Thanks for the info.