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RE: Air ram on a 87 4kcs Quattro

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From: Max Dichter [mailto:maxdichter@iname.com]
Sent: Saturday, July 31, 1999 9:36 PM
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Subject: Air ram on a 87 4kcs Quattro

The other question I have is there is a thin metal door on a spring 
loaded hinge inside the air box.  This door is closing off the air 
intake.  Is there a reason for this (cold start, choke kinda thing).  Is 
there any benefit to taking this door off, or prying it open a little.  I 
live in California, so I am not too worried about cold weather.

If I'm thinking of the same thing you're talking about, I believe that's
called the air mass sensor and I think that's how the FI system knows how
much fuel to spray into the cylinder so, no, I wouldn't touch it.