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Name that Noise

    OK, the same old, same old noise my car has always exhibited:
Section of engine to the rear of the engine bay makes loud clicking noise.
Cycles with throttle, louder when engine is cold, gets ridiculously loud
after a week of not driving.  Almost seems to come from injectors.  Sounds
like the valves are dying maybe as well.  Any suggestions?
    NEW noise lately:
Front of engine near the oil filler cap, makes a "chewbacca" type noise.
(Yes, chewbacca type noise.  We all know what that sounds like.)  Very faint
but noticable for sure.  Happens when engine is above normal operating temp.
Heard it today about three or four times with hood up and ears open.  I have
heard it about once or twice before but never thought about it.  No engine
sputtering, at normal idle speed.  Any suggestions?
    OLD noise:
Air rushing noise all around the intake manifold.  No air leaks detectable
after I pulled all of the hoses and cleaned them all.  Also replaced one air
hose.  When I hand clamp air hose going out of intake manifold to carbon
canister selenoid I hear a real wooshing air noise.  Air leak, but the noise
seems to be coming from inside the intake manifold.  Any suggestion?
    I haven't been able to solve any of these noise myself.  I have checked
all the air hoses numerous times, changed the oil for the clicking, and done
numerous spot checks with my ears.

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