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RE: Cleaning oil passages

Better not  do anything "strange".......
Change the filter at 1K mile (after the engine is assembled) and after a
couple more thousand miles, before the oil change run in a can of engine
detergent if you want to fill good about it.
DO NOT use any synthetics before at least 10K miles (ignore all other
advises on the matter, even if is BTDT!),
Take care,

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I'm about to install a new head on my '87 Audi 100 turbodiesel, and I
thought about cleaning out the oil passages from the block to the
head. Can this be done without removing the oil pan and oil pump?
Should I clean the oil pickup tube, or will running really detergent
engine oil for 3k miles and then changing oil + filter  be good
enough? The previous owner changed the oil and filter every 4k miles,
but the car has been sitting for 6 months, and I guess there is a lot
of slugde in the oil pan now.. Anything to pour into the pan before
draining that can loosen things up a bit?