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RE: Setting up AWD suspension

>You don't say what car you are talking about but perhaps what I am doing
>will provide some insight.  BTW, what spring rates are you running with 
>coil overs now?

The car is a VW Corrado Syncro (same rear suspension as Quantum Syncro). The 
front spring rate is 200, rear is 150 (same as when it was a front 
driver)... I have yet to begin dialing in the suspension for the AWD. It 
looks as though you are tuning your Quattro in the same direction one could 
take a front driver - but a bit more extreme on the rear rate.

I've seen several different theories on tuning a front drivers suspension... 
from super stiff front springs with no front sway and a huge rear sway to 
big bars at both ends with softer springs blah blah....

Thanks much,


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