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RE: repair manual

Hello Hungary,
(Igen Migen),
The Bentley is the official repair manual of Audi, much better than any of
the others,
A used manual will cost $15-25 approximately,
Take care,

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I read in every tenth about a "Bentley" book or something in this list. Can
someone tell me what is this? Is it a repair manual? Looks like everyone
uses this, why? Is it so good?

I am looking for some manual for my '83 80 2.2 quattro, but you can believe
me, it is not an easy job here in Hungary. If that bentley manual is soo
good I might buy one. Do someone know a place where I can mail order it?

Oh and one more thing, how much does it costs? In hungary it would be around
us$ 10-30. A $40 book is a really expensive one.

Thanks in advance,


PS: If I totally blundered about this, then sorry... :-)
PS2: Thanks for everyone who answered for the "little yellow arrow" series.
I will examine the problem in some days.