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Re: UrQ with K24, anyone with track experiences??

<<<<After a summer of driving the 944 turbo, I cant even begin to think I'll 
be impressed with the power of the Audi regardless, but I have to tell myself 
that the UrQ
 will do things the 944T wont. ( i also have to figure out what that would 
 Hi Sean!
 Let's see in the US what would a UrQ do that a 944T won't.  1) The UrQ will
 seat four.  2) If you leave both cars out in a snow storm you will need a
 few friends to help push the 944T out of its parking spot...the UrQ will get
 out on its own usually.  3)  The UrQ will handle better in all conditions
 because it is AWD ;-)
Hey Matt!!!!  :O}

   You felt the wrath of the type 951 not long ago, I think we were both 
smiling as I remember.  I know I was smiling when you tried to sit in the 
back seat too  he hehe.
However, my UrQ is NEVER gonna see the snow again as its been turned into a  
limited-use rig, the back seats REMOVED for the cage and to make way for the 
track tires,  and well the handling IS GONNA be pretty good (spax/H&R) on the 
UrQ so I guess 1-outta-3 aint bad...

BTW, did I ever tell ya what it was like driving the UrQ in the snow with 
16x8's and D40's?  
Its every bit as scary as the 944T would be, just higher velocities. ;o]

later Bud