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Re: who has a new S3 and a TT(limited Audi content)

In message <027901bedc57$bf60a500$ae0056d4@powks15> "Jouko Haapanen" writes:

> Mika Salo.  :^)
> Geez, he may soon have to trade for a new F360 Modena.

Eric Renneisen will be back soon.

He's kept a secret from us - he has a _gorgeous_ wife (Elizabeth) and I
have pictures of her grinning like a cat in Michele Mouton's S1 on
David Sutton's stand at Coy's last Saturday.

A Lamborghini Countach is a nice car.  Two look nicer.  Three even
better.  Four are a third gear problem for an ur-quattro in a hurry to
make a train at Milton Keynes Central.  WHEEE!!!

(Actually - four Lambos, a Ford Ka, something French and a semi with
 trailer.  I don't think Elizabeth drew breath for over a minute

Elizabeth in Michele Mouton's S1:


Eris and I (I'm the ugly one):


The stand, including a German TT:


Serious hardware:


No copyrights are expressed - use as you will.  One week only.

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