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Re: A/C intermittent?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Clough, Samuel say:

> Ok, here's my story.  I just want to see if there are any BTDTs out there.
> The car is a 95 A6Q.  This weekend, I invite some friends over and I've been
> trying to talk him into buying an A4 instead of a Maxima.  Anyway, he wants
> to go for a ride in the A6.  So, we're on our way to the restaurant in stop
> and go traffic (mostly stop) and the car's doing fine and it's about 97
> outside according to the car.  Anyway, I only have the air set on 76, but
> it's running pretty cool.  He's messing around asking me about the car and
> pushes the climate control down to 71.  No big deal, except about 3 or 4
> minutes later the air coming out of the vents is not cool anymore.  It's
> like the car is on vent and the compressor is not running.  I push the
> little snowflake off and then on and nothing happens.  The car itself, is
> running cool in the normal place on the temp gauge and the oil gauge is cool
> also, somewhere around 100 C.  Of course, I don't see how changing the temp
> could have anything to do with this problem but it is the only event that
> happened.  By the time we're too the restaurant, everybody is sweating which
> is a little embarrassing.  When we get out of the restaurant and back in the
> car, voila!  The air is cold again.  This was on Saturday and we drove the
> car the rest of the weekend in temps (according to the car) from 97 to 102
> deg and never again had problems with the air.  Now, this happened to me
> once before in Pennsylvania.  No matter how low I turned the climate control
> I kept sweating.  After we stopped somewhere and started again I had cold
> air.  This is very bizarre, but it is an Audi and has so far been absolutely
> trouble free so I guess it's my turn.  Any idea what could cause this
> symptom?  The car's still under warranty so I figured I would take it in but
> with my dealership experiences, there's a much greater chance that someone
> on the list has a clue what's wrong that them.

Beats me.

My '95 A6QW does the same thing.

I've never been able to get a climate control diagnostic
code out of it. Mine doesn't have anything to do with resetting
the temp. It just "shuts off" the A/C once in a while. Cycling
power to the car always resets it.


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