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RE: 4ktq

In my opinion, the K24 is preferrable to the K26 for street use,
particularly at high altitude where lag is more prominent. Top end seems a
bit weak,however. I just ran my 4000TQ on the track for the first time and
used a mix of 2/3 101 octane and 1/3 91 octane (premium here). The car
seemed to rev fine, in fact, coming out of corners in second or third, I hit
the rev limiter a few times (need those shift lights.) This said, I think
the ideal setup would be the K24 hybrid/sport, or whatever you want to call
it. It's basically a K24 with an enlarged compressor housing and wheel. It's
supposed to spool like a K24 but flow even better than a K26. Majestic
Turbos in Tampa can modify the K24 in this way, but I have yet to send them

Worst problem on the track was HEAT. (Ambient temp was in the 90's.) With
overheating imminent, I could only run a few laps before I had to stop, open
the hood and let the engine compartment cool.
We are going to install some vents in the hood to see if this helps. Even in
hard street driving in these temps, I had not seen more than about 3/4
position on the water temp gauge so far.


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  My understanding is that a K24 is better than a k26 in every way???

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