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Hot 4K Turbo

The last 2 rallies I have been plagued by a very hot running engine.
This past week-end at Maine I was using almost 1 gallon of water 
per stage. 

The strange thing is that it only uses water when I am running full boost.
On the transits between stages, I used no water, even on the 60 mile transit

back to Rumford, I stopped to check the water and it used on water on the
I did notice on Friday night when the car was parked facing uphill slightly
that I
had a couple of drops of water dripping out of the exhaust.

I originally thought it was a blown head gasket, but now I am staring to
wander that 
maybe it is the turbo. I have just driven the car 100 miles on the freeway
at 65mpg 
(low boost) and came back. I  checked the overflow tank and its full. 

Anybody had this kind of problem ? and is there a way that I can check the
before I start removing the head ?

I will have leak-down test done later this week to try and isolate the
problem but I 
would like to some preliminary diagnosis before hand. 

BTW - its a 4KQ with a 5kTurbo (water-cooled) engine.

thanks gerry