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RE: Starter Solenoid

If this is the first time you've had to hammer the solinoid, I'd not worry
about until/if it happens again.  Could've just been some peice of dirt
jamming it, or whatever.

I had to whack mine about 5 years ago.  Worked fine, since then.


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Subject: Starter Solenoid

Last weekend my '89 200 did a trick that it's done before but in
spades.  After running for about an hour in 95 degree weather, I stopped
for gas, shut off the engine and couldn't start it again after tanking
up.  So I did what had worked before-I waited until the engine cooled
off and tried again.  Still didn't start.  All the accessories were
powered but the starter wouldn't make any noise.  I thought it was an
electrical field problem in the starter.  Anyway, after waiting for an
hour with no results, the guy that I was just killing time talking with
suggested banging the solenoid with a hammer while my wife worked the
ignition key.  Voila!  She starts.

I've tried to get a solenoid for it but they don't seem to be sold
separately.  Can anyone advise whether I should spring for a starter or
continue looking for a solenoid.  I can get a rebuilt starter for about