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RE: Alloy wheel repair

I can't recommend anyone in particular, but I bent my BSS rim on my '88 80Q,
and the local tire shop sent it off somewhere to be straightened when it
came back, I could not tell where the damage had been.  They told me the
"secret" was time, the shop they used applied force for a long time, over a
day, to slowly return the rim to true without stressing the material.


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Subject: Alloy wheel repair 

Road Construction - 1  vs. Ronal R28 - 0

Hit a bump in the road just right, and slightly bent the inner lip of the
rim.  Does anybody have a recommendation for where I can get it repaired?
I have seen a few ad's in the back of Road & Track, and Car & Driver, but
would like to know of anyone has had any experience having a wheel
repaired.  The rim is a Ronal R-28, and is under a year old.


Marty Herrick
Milwaukee, WI
'90 V8Q