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Re: Pierburg fuel pumps? ...more info

Heh...tried that way already.  Here's way more additional info than anybody

Removed the FP from my disabled '87 5KCSTQ, put it in the '89 200 TQ.  Ran
quiet for two weeks, then started howling, too.  Now car misses, FP buzzes,
howls, etc,  just like the old one. The pump in the '87 had only seen about
12 months of service.

Sometimes when this howling is occuring, I kill the ignition while going
down the highway, restart, while still rolling, and the pump is quiet.  When
it's quiet, engine doesn't miss and car performs well.  As soon as the buzz
starts, forget it!  Bucking and missing starts with a vengence!  Seems a bit
worse in hot weather.

I originally thought it was the fuel pressure accumulator, replaced that
first.  Buzz continued. Replaced with "new" pump from '87.  Only two weeks
of quiet.  It's been a little hard for me to believe that the pump from the
'87 was bad, too.  Doesn't seem to be the FP check valve--since I also
replaced that with the one from the '87.  Anyone ever heard of a bad
vibration damper on top of the pump?  That really seems like a strech to me.

I'm pretty certain I need new injectors--get the characteristic 2-3 cranks
on cold start, raw fuel smell, and blue smoke.  Any way bad injectors can
kill a FP??

Meanwhile went ahead and ordered a FP made by "Master" (?) at my local
Advanced Auto Parts (formerly Parts America) for $182.00...hope I don't
regret it!


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> Yep. $14.99 at the local you-pull-it yard. Pump running happily and
> silently for over a year now - and two spares sitting on the shelf just in
> case, for later . . .
> Repeat after me: "Retail is for other people. Retail is for other people."
> etc.