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Re: Blew A Spark Plug

Heli-coils are original from the factory on some Porsche 911 heads for the
spark plugs and the factory specified repair for Mercedes aluminum block
head bolt hole repairs, amongst many other OE applications. They work fine
when installed properly. If the hole is too big for the heli-coil to get
proper "bite" you can step up to "bigserts" (solid insert with rather thick
walls) sold by Baum Tools and others.

Bryan Doughty
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From: Don Muirhead <dmr@kwic.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 1999 9:06 AM
Subject: Blew A Spark Plug

> '86 CGT finally popped a spark plug and put a nice ding on the hood (sniff
> - new last year) and left me sitting in a service centre about 140 km from
> home this morning.  While I was waiting for the tow truck I checked the
> rest and I have another thread that's a little weak as well.
> Engine has nearly a million km's so I guess it was due to happen some day.
> I never had to put a heili in anything so the big questions are:
> 1. To heili-coil or not - does it work, or
> 2. Just replace the head.
> Don
> '99 A4
> '96 S6
> '86 CGT x 2