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Re: MC exhaust manifold gasket questions...

In message <7ab2d8ad.24d87600@aol.com> OorQue@aol.com writes:

> To be honest, I'd really like to find a source for an off-the-shelf copper
> gasket -- unfortunately, I don't have enough time to order them or confidence
> in my ability to try making them myself -- but barring that, can anyone
> suggest an aftermarket brand whose gaskets run a little large?  I've tried
> the Sabo gaskets from Brazil as they're the only ones I could find locally
> but they were virtually identical to the factory ones.  Any other hints?

Dialynx might be worth a try.  There were comments about the lack of a
typical scavenging effect and Aelred was talking about various forms of
gasket a year or so back.

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