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Re: Blew a Spark Plug

Thanks for the response.

The re-threading kit intrigues me but, since we haven't any Pep Boys nor it 
seems a re-threading kit (according to our local retailers), I have to 
consider the heli route.

When I asked about time-serts, the guy on the other end of the phone kept 
telling me its 5:15 PM and his name wasn't Serge - so no luck there.

I called a few of the closest heli-shops (London, Brantford and Hamilton) 
and we're talking $100.00 a piece plus a tow ($75.00).  So for $375.00 plus 
15% tax I can get a cheap fix (need 3 not 2).  I could pick-up a head for 
around $100.00 but by the time I did all the "might as well" stuff it would 
be well over $400.00 and if I did that, I might as well buy a new one.

So I guess I'll just pop off the head, plunk it on the drill press and do 
all 5.  Wow, my first heli-coil experience - mom would have been proud.

I realize I could do this freehand but I'm still a little shaky since I got 
out of rehab and besides, I'm not allowed to own or operate portable power 
tools till maybe after the hearing.

I've downloaded the Emhart catalogue and will sort through the gazillion 
heli's to see what works and if I need to buy any of those value-added 
"special tools" to add to the collection of one-time wonders.  Tomorrow 
I'll find out how much this stuff costs.