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sport seat

o venerable listers:

i think that the next mod i will make on my car is a new driver's seat.  
i have a 1990 80q with a tan cloth interior which is in _mint_ 
condition, but i love bolsters, especially being that i actually use the 
advantages provided by quattro.  i feel like a muppet when i drive, 
getting thrown from one side of the car to another.

anyway, i am not a big fan of leather, and i like the colour of my current 
interior, so i thought that i would just replace the drivers seat with 
a tan cloth one from a 90.  i have sort of given up on finding used in 
mint condition used (unless some wonderful lister has one!) so i am left 
with either the aftermarket or my dealer.

my questions are as follows:

1. does anybody have a tan cloth sport seat that will fit in a 1990 80q 
and match my current interior colour?

2. are there any aftermarket places that sell OEM-type seats for a 
discounted price?

3. should i go to the dealer?

Thanks in advance.

joe brown
1990 80q

ps -when i get the new seat, i will have a driver's seat in mint 
condition for sale.

ps2(please don't sue me bill gates) - if anybody has a complete tan leather 
interior in mint condition, i would consider buying it regardless of my 
preference for cloth.  you can't always get what you want, but it might 
as well match.