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re: UrQ with K24, anyone with track experiences??

I responded to the first query with a "very happy with my track results."
I failed to mention, however, that our urq has an intercooler that is 2x
stock size and an oil cooler that is 3x stock size.  There also is a lower
temperature thermostat and fan switch as well.  Then again, I haven't had
heat soak or overheating problems aside from ONCE when the radiator fan
fuse blew due to a shorted wire.

I let a few of the Portland track hounds drive the car, too.  I think they
all came away with big smiles.


At 10:09 PM 8/1/99 -0400, Bill Elliott wrote:
>I've had one track experience with my watercooled K24 UrQ (IA Stage 1
>running 2.0 bar).  While I wouldn't trade back to the K26 for street
>use, I was disappointed by the heat soak and lack of power at the end of
>hard runs.
>To be completely honest, though, I was losing a head gasket at the same
>time, so my results may have been tainted.
>Were I to spend more time on the track , I would absolutely revert to
>the K26 and/or enlarge the intercooler.
>BTW, I was extremely happy with my ATE Powerdisks, Pagid pads, and
>SP8000's on the track. (This club meet penalized you for R-compound
>For the street, though, I love the K24.
>Bill Elliott
>Lake Mills, WI
Best Regards,

John Karasaki