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TTq apparently now on sale in US

I thought the q version wasn't to be around until later in the year (maybe 
later is now?) but riding around in the golf cart at Peterson Audi/VW (and 
Lexus/Toyota/BMW/Kia/Jeep/Eagle) here in Boise while looking for the '95 A6 
avant I'm supposed to be checking on for a friend (and still haven't got 
any hints on things to look at, by the way) there were a gray and blue TT, 
still partially cocooned. Complementing the seemingly-display-only black 
fwd one parked up on the showroom patio, I thought, but then saw the little 
"quattro" badges. The salesman/golf-cart-pilot said he didn't even know 
they were back there, just laughed when I asked about test drives.

The avant was nowhere to be found, having been sent out for detailing after 
undergoing the inspections necessary for Audi Assured status. I will 
definitely call ahead to ensure that it is there, not just "should be 
around" before the next time, possibly Thursday.

Took the opportunity to attempt to order a headliner for my GTI, having 
heard elsewhere that they were NLA - but using some odd computer system 
called ETKA (no really, that's what it said on the function-key overlay 
temaplate :) the dealer parts person checked for a good part number and 
placed the order, we'll see what happens in a week.

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 105k, door wires all fixed, new windshield scheduled for 
tomorrow but no tint before the Vail trip so maybe not at all this summer
1988 GTI 16v, 198k, possibly to have a non-saggy headliner soon, next would 
be rear shock(s)