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Re: Climate control problem


It sounds like your blower motor may not be running or only running at low
speed.  If you turn on the heater and switch it to "high," does it blow at
high speed, or not?

1989 200 TQ

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Subject: Climate control problem

> I have a Audi 5000CS turbo(1987) with auto climate control.
> Recently, I have started seeing this problem.
> The A/C takes too long to start up(it comes on, but does not flow air) and
> air. Sometimes, it won't flow any air for 15-20 min, then start and run ok
> 10-20min, and then go on the blink again.
> As a generalization, the A/C seems to flow air more consistently when
> on the highway. Stop and go traffic, the air flow almost never comes on.
> Whenever, the air flow works, I get nice cold air.