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Re: Wierd 4KSQ Idle Problem

> Check base ignition timing, as the timingis advanced  (further BTDC) the
> idle speed will go up. 

That sort of explains a lot... I suppose the ISV just doesn't have the
"range" to drop the idle any further?  The air that gets through a
basically closed idle screw (along with whatever air leaks I have) must
be enough to let the advanced engine still rev a little high.  Since I'm
running about 20 or so degrees BTDC that would be why my idle is usually
around 1100 instead of a rock solid 950.

> >I can not figure this one out.  I set the timing.  Set the CO level to 10mA.
> >Set the idle mixture.  Now, I am trying to set the idle.  Okay no problem
> >except that it is as low as it will go, which my friends is somewhere
> >between 1050 and 1200, depending on how hot the motor is.  What can I do to
> >get this to slow down?  BTW, I CAN'T find a vac leak anywhere.

Huw Powell


misc type 85's littering the neighborhood