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Window Regulator Repair (long)

Ref:  Your note of Thu, 05 Aug 1999 01:59:58 -0400

Hi Huw, this is the '87 CGT.

>preloaded the window assembly relative to the vertical track, twisting
>it, top towards the rear of the car, bottom to front, then tightened the
>bolts.  Actually, it is more likely that the carrier on the cable is
>what I "twisted", but you get the idea I hope.

Yes.  The slider bolt holes are slots.  This seems to be the only
adjustment.  An inch or so fore and aft, just an RCH up or down
over the four inch span between bolt centers for angle.

With the various combos The glass motion near top varies from 3/4"
out of the rear groove to snubbed into the guide.  Both extremes
bind severely as they get near closed.  The latter binds going down
too.  Any chance the fingered cover on the center ferrule is
implicated here?  I'm pretty sure it went on in the correct
orientation but I have no pictures of this to check.  It does not
appear to do anything but keep the body of the slider pushed away
from the guide rail though.  Probably no effect on glass
orientation huh?

Notice the slots in the slider and the slots in the inner door
frame/sill corresponding to slider "full up" position?  JTH that
maybe a screw driver prying fore and aft when window up could
get things centered with moderately tight bolts.  Then lower
halfway and torque 'em fully.  Any thoughts?  Anybody done it
this way?

Because this side was the smoother of the two windows prior to
"twang-crunch-crunch" I thought it would be a shoo-in.

>...in that the C window slides rearwards as d
>it goes up, the 4k looks a lot more vertical.

Partly an optical illusion I think.  The coupe glass (and opening)
front edge are angled, and so the glass appears to rake/move back
as it goes up.  It may a little, but the lower parts of the tracks
(down in the door) are pretty parallel and mostly vertical.