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Re: Very nice 20Vt ur q site...

> The geometry will be changed, but it doesn't screw it up.  It's easily
>  correctable with a camber change.

Camber has nothing to do with it.  By changing the wheel offset, you alter 
the scrub radius, you change the effective spring rate, you move the roll 
center, etc.  Of course, that's theory; in the real world, with rubber bushes 
and flexible suspension parts, small changes are happening automatically all 
the time.  Still, by changing from an 8" wheel with 24mm offset to an 8.5" 
wheel with a 9mm offset, he's changed backspacing by almost 9mm; combined, 
this means the track width has changed by 18mm or nearly 3/4" ... 
>  Look at the Porsche 911 and 944 for example, which typically utilize deep 
wheels with similar offset.

There's nothing inherently wrong with using deep-dish wheels provided the 
suspsenion has been designed accordingly.

>  There does come a point when it's a bit too extreme; take a low rider with 
>  wheels sticking out of the fender wells for example.  In that case, I think
>  the bearings and axles are begging for mercy more than the suspension ;-).

Agreed ... it's amazing what some people will do to their cars!