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Re: new Audi's

In a message dated 8/5/99 8:05:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
russell_kubycheck@mcg.mot.com writes:

> With all these new engines coming to be for Audi, how does the VW Passat
>  with the V8 do? I do not understand why VW is creating a vehicle with more
>  power and space than the luxury 'Audi A4' at a cheaper price.
>  The only advantage for Audi A4 in the US is Quattro and a better 
>  But for the price difference I maybe thinking about the V8 Passat.
>  Am I missing something?
>  Russ

I always looked at it as Audi being the Higher class than the VW, no matter 
now good VW are.  But some people can afford A4 and some can't.  So they get 
to buy a passat.  Audi is a better built car and the VW.  VW had many 
problems in the past with oil leaks from its VR6 engine and the fit and 
finish of a VW is not even compared to a Audi.  Why do you think VW has a 
100,000mile or 10 year bumper to bumper w?  Because some people are scared to 
buy VWs V6 engines.  If you wanted more POWER and be cheaper, why dont you go 
invest in a Camaro Z28.  Its Cheap, its REAL fast! Do you get what I'm 

Hope that explains it, but this is JMHO.
:::Flame suit on(for the VW drivers):::

Jason C
89 200t10v
Redmond WA