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RE: cabover

A half-ton isn't really designed for a cab-over camper, as you are now 
discovering.  I would recommend lower gears (4.10's).  Headers would be 
good, alum intake and a small 4-bbl couldn't hurt.  A 351 would be better, 
any other engine will require a tranny swap too.  Torque should be your 
goal.  Cubic inches are your answer.  My 9" rear end lives behind a built 
400M, but with all your weight, a Dana 60 conversion (3/4 ton or higher) 
might be in your future (and that would take care of the gearing, if you 
buy the right ratio.)

George Selby
78 F-150 400M, 4 on floor, 4x4
86 Audi 4000CS Quattro