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Re: new Audi's

In a message dated 8/5/99 9:06:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
russell_kubycheck@mcg.mot.com writes:

> But is quality the real difference? if so, good but if VW has been improving
>  their quality like Audi has this is not much of a difference.
>  So what is the reason to buy Audi over VW? The Name?

My friend has bought a new VW Bug recently and asked me to install a stereo 
in her car.  Well, after take apart a few panels, you can tell the real 
difference.  There is more padding and more insulation in my 89 200 than in 
this 99 Bug(Not to mention my car has enough wires in it to circle the world 
twice).  Heck, you can even see the exterior color of the car from inside the 

VW makes a good car, but nothing like the Audi.  Did anyone notice that the 
Jetta looks stunning like a A4?  Perhaps VW/Audi is trying to make the Jetta 
a poor mans A4?

Jason C
89 200t10v
Redmond WA

PS- Can ANYONE get a arm in the dashboard of the car(200)?  They must of 
spent months trying to put all that together.