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RE: Audi Issue of European Car

I don't think the author (Ray Thursby) seems to like most of the Super buy
cars, except for the Rolls-whats that tell you ??  Les from EC contacted me
to suplly an S4 for the article,  Paul Rivera Jr. kindly went up and spent
the day, yet in the "owners view" column, they talked to someone else
entirely ! Besides the incorrect pictures, etc, they could of at least
thanked Paul for bringing his car up, oh well....
Back to work-have to finish the coilovers for Paul Sr.'s S4.
Ron Wood-Audis a plenty
82 & 83 Ur-Q
84, 85 & 87 4KQ
87.5 CGT
84 Rally Coupe A2
90 90Q-project