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I always found it interesting that the newer cars, in general were 
less conducive to hooking up a hitch than the older ones.

I think the biggest problem will be finding a hitch to work with the 
integrated bumpers and plastic.  I know that I never did find a hitch 
to fit my '90 Q Coupe.  I now recall that was one reason I sold the 
car.  You may have some success in finding your application on 
hitchweb.com.  Otherwise you may have to have something special 
fabricated for your towing needs.  

I've towed much with our '85 4000 - you'ld be surprised how well the 
car does.  The main problem in towing a 2 ton boat is that it was 
bigger and heavier than the car.  I only used it to get from the ramp 
to home so this was fine if going slow.  The Quattro traction was 
great, and better than most trucks, except for the problem with 
smokin' the clutch going up a 30 degree incline.

I used my '81 Scirocco to do a lot of towing - had a '88GLI motor with 
Nuespeed 268 CAM, lowered, and other mods too numerous too mention.  
Sorry I sold (pretty much gave away that car) it when I brought the 
coupe.  The Scirocco was a good example of being able to use a light 
(1800 lbs.) vehicle to do some amazing stuff - I once hauled about 
2000 lbs of slate for about 20 miles.  Your AUDI should be even more 

The other problem you may run into in towing with the smaller 
displacement motors, is the lack of torque.  This was always an 
advantage of more cylinders and higher displacement.

I would not advise towing a load greater than 3/4 the weight of your 
car - for any distance.  Make sure trailer is well balanced too.  With 
the right setup you can avoid the tail waggin' the dog syndrome - this 
can get dangerous and lead to a jackknife situation.

I expect the '87 5000 CSQT Wagon to do as well or better than the 
4000, except for the possible lack of low end torque.  I don't plan on 
towing any 2 ton boats anymore, but I will shoot for a ton in my 4X8 

Good Luck,

Ben Swann
'85 4ksq (grazing in the pasture)
'86 5kcstq (gettin close)
'87 5kcstq Wagon