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Type 44 External Mirror Removal

    I'm in a semi-thankful frame of mind tonight. On the way home, a 3 inch
rock fell off an on-coming truck and, at a closure rate of some 220 kph,
cleaned the drivers side external mirror right off the 200q. A few
milliseconds earlier and a foot or so further to the left and I probably
would have been wearing it in my face. That, I am sure, would have ruined my
entire day.
    Funny how the mind works. I have a mental snapshot of the thing about 2
feet in front of the car. It was a roughly spherical piece of limestone
about 3" in diameter, newly crushed judging from the sharp edges on the
fracture planes. Probably from a load of limerock on it's way to the
Northern Lime kilns in Blind River.
    It is now evident that I check this mirror every 30 seconds or so. I
didn't realize I used it so much. I've got to get a replacement before I
dislocate my neck looking over my right shoulder!
    Now to the question - do you have to remove the door panel to remove the
triangular plastic inner trim piece covering the mounting screws or does it
pop off with the door panel in place?


Fred Munro
'91 200q  278k km