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RE: Oxy sensor for 93 V6

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Sent:	Thursday, August 05, 1999 9:31 PM
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Subject:	Oxy sensor for 93 V6

In reading the recent discussion and having the engine warning light going
on when my car is warm and sits at idle for more than about 30 seconds, I
started doing some research on the O2 sensors.  For the 93 V6 (I have a
100CS QW, there are two Bosch part numbers with a VIN number delineation.
Price is ~136 for early VINs and ~170 for later VINs.   The fellow at
Olympic Import Auto Parts in College Park MD warned against using the
"generic" part number, indicating that in addition to the obvious problem
of finding the right thread size, the depth of the sensor in the exhaust
pipe is important.
Sometimes these guys know what they are talking about, although I'm always
Anyway, my mundane question is how do you remove the old one.  Mine seems
to require about a 20 mm diameter socket, and fitting a box wrench in there
(if I even had a 20 mm one) is a bit difficult.  Of course you could snip
the wires and use a deep socket to get it off.  I was trying to avoid that
approach, if possible.  Any hints, or special tools for this?
Charles Krafft

I have used both the early and late oxygen sensors interchangably at the 
dealer with no problems,  the only differance I can find is the length of 
the harness (about 1.5").  The best way to get it out is with a 22mm 
crowfoot socket,  preferably one that is 5 sided like a flair wrench.  Or 
many parts stores have special sockets that are a 22mm box end with a spot 
for a ratchet.  Hint when you go to remove the sensors a good sharp quick 
pull usually breaks it free without rounding the edges

Daniel Jones
Dealer Tech