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RE: Re[2]: Shogun Pump Wiring

If I remember correctly, the relay for the pump is inside under the dash,
they do go bad and can be repaired, a new relay is about $75.
I have to think about it a bit...............your problem,
The relay energize both the fan and the pump, so if the fan is OK you are
getting an extra ground somewhere.......which keeps your pump on all the

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To begin, the old OEM after run pump and fan appeared to work
as intended. I decided to change the after run pump as
preventive maintenance, using the Shogun coolant pump as
several other Listers have recently.

Here is the deal. I planned to remove the old pump, plumb and
wire in the Shogun pump using the wires which are there with a
new connector but no relay, and then run the car to get things
warm enough so that the after run pump and fan would cycle
once I shut the car down. That was the plan.

I plumbed the pump into the system. The only challenges there
were getting 0.75" barbed fittings locally and angling things
enough to avoid bending either hose too far. I would have
liked to have a 45 degree fitting on the inlet side of things,
but I felt lucky enough to find straight 0.75" fittings.  The
plumbing was not that difficult.

So, on to the electrical. Removed the old connector from the
after run pump wiring. I found two terminals, with three
wires, at the OEM connector for the after run pump.

Two of these wires (both red) went to one terminal and were on
what appears to be the positive side - I assumed one wire was
hot and one going on to something else. My volt meter agreed.

I assumed that the other wire (red w/ blk stripe) was a
switched ground - however, when I check things with my volt
meter, I find things are always hot between the aforementioned
red wire and this supposed switched ground. So, if I connect
the after run pump it will always run.  However, the after run
fan does not run (unless I cross the wires at the temp

Is the ground indeed switched for the pump? Where is it
switched? Is it possible that this switch is stuck closed, or
have I developed a short to ground somewhere on the ground
side of the after run pump circuit?

Recall, the old OEM pump was working fine. With this in mind,
I rewired the old pump into the system, only to find that now
it also runs continuously.

Does the same relay that controls the after run fan also
control the after run pump? Where is the relay for the after
run pump located?

Why is it that the easy jobs always seem to go awry?

Eric R. Kissell
1986 5000cstq, 1.8 bar

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Subject: RE: Shogun Pump Wiring
Author:  "Avi Meron" <avi@cosmoslink.net> at Internet
Date:    8/4/1999 10:36 PM

You can, but don't try the pump without pressure in the coolant system. the
load is too high and it will pop the fuse.
Let us know how it works,

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Subject:        Shogun Pump Wiring

Can I wire the Shogun after run pump without using a relay?

How do I wire this Shogun pump?

Eric R. Kissell
1986 5000cstq, 1.8 bar