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RE: new Audi's

I own an A4 1.8TQSM(with a new APR chip, WOOHOO).  My significant other just
bought a new Passat GLS V6 5 speed.  So, I feel I'm qualified to judge.

First off, the engines, transmissions and suspensions(assuming FWD for the
Audi) are exactly the same.  They are made on the same lines as
sub-components and parts come from the same suppliers.

So, the question is how to justify the extra cost of the A4(independent of
extra available options for the A4).  The differences I see are that various
fittings on the A4 are higher quality.  Things such as the door catches on
the body, the locks for the fold-down rear seats(metal on the A4, plastic on
the Passat) and various other seemingly minor things.  There are also other
detail differences such as more complete guages on the A4, headlight
washers, rear fog light, climate control, better cloth upholstry, aluminum
wheels, better handling and a few other things.

I think it really comes down to what a person wants in a car.  Either way,
both are bargains but the Passat is a huge bargain.

Oh, so far the 30v seems like a very sweet engine.  It will be nice to see
what it can really do once broken in.

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> I am not looking for a high powered domestic piece of $hit. I AM AN AUDI
> BIGOT!! Well maybe just a German Car bigot.
> But back to my point, my brother in-law just got a VW Passat V6.
> It seems to
> have the same look and feel in the interior. I have not driven it
> yet.  But
> what differentiates an Audi from VW?
> There is Quattro but there is 4-motion.
> There is Audi exterior Style(I loved it for years, since 1983).
> VW does not
> have it.
> But is quality the real difference? if so, good but if VW has
> been improving
> their quality like Audi has this is not much of a difference.
> So what is the reason to buy Audi over VW? The Name?
> Russ
> '97 A6qw
> '93 90cs