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Re: Cooper Cobra

I had the limited edition 3" whitewalls installed on the Audi.  They look 
great with about 20psi in them, and besides, the whitewalls are more 
aerodynamic than the blackwalls.    Just kidding!  I hadn't heard of the GTS 
models when I was offered the Cobras.  If I get 35k from them, cost per mile 
still isn't too bad and I think by that time I'll be ready for new wheels 
(performance tires on the new wheels, M+S tires on the stockers.  Please send 
rain to Maryland; I need to wash my car and the state is on mandatory water 

Gil Bourcier
Columbia, MD USA

87 4kcsq - 82k
97 Honda Valkyrie Tourer - 20k