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Re: Air bag experation

Dan Hi,

I would propose that you try contacting AUDI A.G. in Germany and not AoA.

Every time that I contacted the German company they always replied and were
more than helpful.

Regards from Greece
Pantelis Giamarellos
(father to a 3 days old son and future AUDI driver)

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Subject: Re: Air bag experation

>> While cleaning my new 1990 90 20 v Quattro the other day I noticed that
>> the passenger side sin visor that it says the air bags need replaced
>> 10 years.  What happens if I do not replace them?  Is it just a
>> thing like having a .005% chance of failure after 10 years compared to a
>> .001% chance of failure when new.  Any one else heard of this?
>I called Audi to ask about this, and they never got back to me.
>Guess they don't care, until they get sued.
>| Dan |
>Dan Simoes