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RE: new Audi's

> Interesting observation.  The new A platform cars have 2 
> wires running 
> things like: power windows, interior lights, power mirrors, 
> power locks, 
> and a few other things....  The same 2 wires run to 
> everything having to 
> do with these systems....
> its called the CAN-bus and is quite interesting in its 
> implication. It 
> basically gets rid of the wiring problems in VW's

... while I agree that it does reduce the number of wires ... but then it
turns every switch and motor into an electronic module.  I can't wait to
hear how much a window switch or motor is going to cost!  CAN doesn't do
anything to improve the quality of flaky contacts!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)