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Re: typ44 TQ coolant warning light puzzle.....

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999 06:04:55 EDT, Chris wrote:

>the problem still persists..  on my '86 5kTQ, the coolant warning light comes 
>on in the autocheck display, approx 1 minute after everytime i start the car. 
> car running normal temp. not overheating. coolant level normal. 
>i unplugged the female socket from the coolant level switch at the bottom of 
>the expansion tank, and jumpered the 2 wires on the female socket together, 
>with a paperclip.   the light still didnt go out. (if the prob was in the 
>switch, the light would have gone out if i jumpered the wires together, 

The switch closes when the level gets low so your test should make it
stay on. If the problem is with the level switch - which it often is -
the light should go out when the plug is disconnected. If the light
stays on while disconnected, then you should look for a fault in the
wiring harness or the auto-check system. Hopefully, replacing the
coolant reservoir will be the answer, though.

DeWitt Harrison