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RE: Mount Washington Pictures

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damn, what da heck is car #81?? is that owner making fun of our audis? : )

Car #81 is a tube framed VW sciroco running a 4kq driveline and a 10v 
turbo,  the car was built by Danny Rutan.  It weighs 1800 lbs and 
accelerates like no other car I have ever seen.  On the launch the car goes 
throught the gears like a bike.  He was faster than Sprongle at the launch 
and on the 1/4 mile straight.  Build quality is suspect but man does it 

Daniel Jones


On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, -=Bob=- wrote:

> I posted this a while ago, but since the site has had no traffic, and i
> didnt see it make it to the list, Ill send it again.
> I posited some pictures from mount washington on a server. They were
> taken by lister Douglas Frank and are Great!  They are just a listing of
> files now, but will be generated into thumbnails once I get the damn
> script working (Im sure by today). Hope you like them.
> Bob
> http://rtfm.advo.com/mw99