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RE: exhaust enhancement - 1990 80q

> the AAN thing was a joke - for now.  I'm only an ex-college
> drop-out.

Ahh, then you are really a drop-in. In my day we simply dropped-out and
tuned-in :-)

> i'm glad that i have the okay on the 4kq manifold and
> downpipe.  now all
> i have to do is to locate one and a 5kt muffler.

If you can wait until that Feb. 31, 2000 date you mentioned, I'll offer my
manifold. that date looked reasonable to me, at the current rate of progress
that's when I'll turn the key on my 4kcsq/AAN. <g>
> as for the cat, i will figure something out.

The outlet on the 4kq down pipe is 2.5 inches, so is the 4kq cat. They are a
good match. Stock, the 4kq used 2 1/4 inch tubing from the cat back. IMHO
that is good enough for a stock motor. Go too big, especially with a turbo
muffler, and the lack of back pressure will hurt performance. (compared to
the stock 4kq exhaust)

Should be a good upgrade for the 80q.