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Tires, 5KTQ

Just reporting for those contemplating new tires and having difficulty 
finding performance tires in 205/60 15.  I just had Dunlop SP Sport 8000s 
225/50ZR15 put on Fuchs (15x7) and they fit fine, it's a pretty tight 
clearance for the outer tie rod, but they fit.  Coming from 205/60 15 
Michelin MXV4 Energys the initial differences are a lot more lateral grip 
and better feel through the corners, though I haven't fully tested them yet. 
  The only negative I forsee will be a greater tendency to follow ruts in 
the road, pretty minor compared to the increased grip, likely due more the 
the better tire than the increased width.  (Dunlop does not make the 8000s 
in 205/60 15.) BTW my car has stock springs, a lowered car might have 
trouble with rubbing the rear fender with the wider tires.
-Matt Martinsen
Seattle, WA

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